What is Hyundai SHIFTRONIC

Sep 28, 2018

Welcome to The Auto Experts, where we aim to provide you with comprehensive information about all things automotive. In this article, we will delve into the world of Hyundai SHIFTRONIC, a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your driving experience.

Understanding Hyundai SHIFTRONIC

Hyundai SHIFTRONIC is an innovative transmission system that combines the convenience of automatic shifting with the control and engagement of manual shifting. With this technology, Hyundai vehicles offer drivers the best of both worlds, allowing them to effortlessly switch between automatic and manual modes.

The Benefits of Hyundai SHIFTRONIC

One of the key advantages of Hyundai SHIFTRONIC is the ability to have complete control over gear selection. Whether you prefer the ease of automatic shifting or the more dynamic experience of manual shifting, Hyundai SHIFTRONIC accommodates your preferences.

By giving drivers the freedom to manually shift gears, Hyundai SHIFTRONIC enables a more engaging and immersive driving experience. It allows you to optimize your vehicle's performance and responsiveness by selecting the most suitable gear for specific driving conditions.

Furthermore, Hyundai SHIFTRONIC adapts to your driving style, providing seamless shifts based on your input. Whether you're seeking a sporty acceleration or a smooth and fuel-efficient ride, this technology optimizes gear changes to enhance your driving pleasure.

How Hyundai SHIFTRONIC Works

Hyundai SHIFTRONIC utilizes a sophisticated electronic control unit that seamlessly integrates with the transmission system. When in automatic mode, the system functions like a traditional automatic transmission, effortlessly shifting through the gears based on engine RPM and vehicle speed.

However, with Hyundai SHIFTRONIC, you also have the option to take control and shift gears manually. By utilizing the +/- buttons or paddle shifters located on the steering wheel, you can upshift or downshift to your desired gear. This level of control adds a sense of excitement and responsiveness to your driving experience.

Hyundai SHIFTRONIC in Action

Imagine driving along a winding mountain road, craving the sensation of being in complete control of your vehicle. With Hyundai SHIFTRONIC, you can downshift to a lower gear before entering a corner, allowing for maximum control and optimal vehicle balance.

On the other hand, if you're navigating through heavy city traffic and wish for a more relaxed driving experience, you can effortlessly switch back to automatic mode. Hyundai SHIFTRONIC offers the versatility to adapt to any driving situation, making it an ideal choice for all types of drivers.


In conclusion, Hyundai SHIFTRONIC is a game-changing technology that redefines the driving experience. By seamlessly blending the benefits of automatic and manual shifting, Hyundai vehicles equipped with SHIFTRONIC offer drivers unparalleled control, responsiveness, and enjoyment on the road.

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